Our Mission

Communities are working everyday to take greater control of their lives. People the world over are confronting political, economic, and social problems using creative methods, with many building solidarity through democracy from below. These struggles for self-governance in all aspects of society are in need of support.

The founders of the Onyx Foundation, consisting of educators and community advocates, believe the most effective way to support these initiatives is to work as directly as possible with groups and communities confronting the issues. We support and help initiate projects with concerned peoples seeking to democratize their communities and the institutions of society. The foundation promotes collaboration among community-based initiatives for autonomy that seek participation from individuals of all walks of life. People active in community-building, from our experience, promote excellence and expand our understanding of people’s potentials for self-government, helping create a healthier society for all.

The Onyx Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is one source of support for these activities. We work mainly by supporting educational projects that help strengthen organizations and networks. Our financial resources are small when compared to the various needs of society. Therefore, we have chosen a limited number of initiatives within the Foundation’s broad goals. They include:

  • Strengthening movements and projects practicing and advocating grassroots, direct democratic philosophies.
  • Support for anti-racist initiatives confronting problems in all aspects of society.
  • Promoting national and international partnerships through solidarity and community-building with people of all ethnicities, national origins, religions, genders, or sexual orientations.
  • Solidarity with disenfranchised communities struggling against poverty and injustice.
  • Fostering human creativity and achievement through education, service, and solidarity.

Established in 2005, the foundation conducts programming on a national and international scale. We are an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization. Our funding comes from donations and gifts given by individuals in agreement with our mission. In conjunction with foundation staff, our Board of Directors help set policy and programming to best use foundation resources. Our work hopes to demonstrate our motto “the future in the present” through our continued support for new ways of life that are struggling everyday to break out of the old in pursuit of a stronger, more meaningful society for all.